Kamui 28 Jan

Ok, for the record, it is pronouced as ‘Kum-mwee’. It was a pretty good day out in Kamui, although it was super windy. The gondola was closed for around a bowl of ramen’s time in the afternoon. We have a good crew of snowboarders Tereza, Andy, Zoe & Mark and a couple of skiers Lisa and … More Kamui 28 Jan

Asahidake 24 Jan

Ok, Ok.. there might be a little love affair here, but it was so good yesterday, we had to return to Asahidake for the 3rd time! We have a bumper day today with a big crew with Alpine Backcountry Guides. The snow has eased up overnight and a light dusting of around 10cm welcomed us with a slight … More Asahidake 24 Jan

Asahidake 23 Jan

It didn’t stop snowing all night and it’s still snowing! This was going to be one of those epic Asahidake days! Brant, Endre, Nick and Roger were part of the team with Alpine Backcountry Guides today and they were primed! A quick warm run in thigh high pow on the baby bowl and we were off … More Asahidake 23 Jan

Asahidake 22 Jan

Crewed up with Ski Japan Adventure today for some split board and ski action. It was just starting to snow and the slope looked deceptively smooth, but the base was wind scoured and fairly firm. That is until we hit ‘Gully 4’. En route to the drop zone I had to offer my mountain donkey … More Asahidake 22 Jan

Kamui 21 Jan

It was slim pickings at Kamui today, wind blown and packed down snow. The back country was completely unsalvageable. That could only mean one thing – tearing up the piste. It was Elle, Guy, Jarrod & Rosa’s last day in Central Hokkaido, so the last opportunity to top up that goggle tan. Here is Guy’s … More Kamui 21 Jan

Nishidake Furano

It was supposed to be the day before the wind hits Furano. But it came a little earlier than expected. From the southeast the wind was blowing a gale against the familiar cornice on the ridge towards Nishidake. The resort was done, no pow. So Krusty, Elwood, Slack and I decided to head to Nishidake … More Nishidake Furano


17 Jan. A day trip out to Asahidake with Alpine Backcountry Guides on an otherwise fairly clear day. We were able to see the steamy top of the mountain. Whilst it has not really snowed for 48 hours, we were able to find pockets of pow after hiking along the ridge. Graham and Alana certainly … More Asahidake

Road Tripping

What a week of road tripping on the Hokkaido Powder Belt with Emily & Buzz, Jake & matt and Andre. From Asahikawa we ventured into Kamui for some slack country powder and some log jumping and product endorsement photos with Buzz. We learned about Japanese breakfast etiquette, shied away from the onsen scene. Found ourselves … More Road Tripping

Happy New Year!

A quick few laps with Todd Biilmann to wrap up the year, before heading home to cook for my winter family of 9. We bumped into Lucy from Furano Central Hokkaido Japan and little Gracie on our very last run of the year. Most places were closed on NYE in Furano so everyone can be with … More Happy New Year!