Asahidake 23 Jan

It didn’t stop snowing all night and it’s still snowing! This was going to be one of those epic Asahidake days! Brant, Endre, Nick and Roger were part of the team with Alpine Backcountry Guides today and they were primed! A quick warm run in thigh high pow on the baby bowl and we were off skinning to drop zone one. It was a white out and we had to navigate with difficulty cutting track in deep pow. The sneaky WR guide was following our track and I guess we have to share our ‘secret Gully 4’ with them.

The exit track was a little mission, but with Endre at 6 foot 8, he was cutting a track out for us with ease! We decided to give Gully 2 and 3 a go and were not disappointed. Totally satisfied with the smiles from everyone’s faces which summarised the story of the day. Asahidake I am beginning to love you! It was just epic!

(Click on the images to enlarge)

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