Bio & Contact

I am a skier and a photographer.

‘Make Friends on a Powder Day’ is the working title for the collection of ski images and footage in Hokkaido Japan. My first ski trip to Japan was in 2013 and the affinity was instant. Along the way I met John Morrell from Alpine Backcountry Guides and the treasure chest of Central Hokkaido was unlocked. From Tomamu in the south to Kamui in the north, from Tokachi to the east and our home mountain in Furano I have skied and guided in some of the best terrain Hokkaido has to offer. And the crown jewel Asahidake? Incredibubble!

The 2015-2016 season was by far the highlight of my ski career so far. We counted the down days with one hand and lost count of those sweet powder days. A fitting season to be documented in words and images. You can find all the stories here.web pictogramTo end the season we went on a path less travelled to the northern tip of Japan. We climbed and skied the volcano Rishiri 2 days after the powder window ended. What we didn’t get in soft powder runs we got in adventure. Check out our short film here.

I am a brand ambassador for Oneskee All in One ski suit. In the pre season of 2015 we shot the ‘Oneskee in the City‘ photo collection in London. In 2016 we went to Iceland for the new Oneskee photo shoot. Iceland will be host to our 2017 backcountry ski trip/film if all goes to plan. Check out the ‘Oneskee in Iceland’ collection here.

Stay tuned for updates and have a great season y’all.


Felix Lai