Japow Analysis

Penultimate day of AIARE training at Asahidaki with Al Mendell and Alpine Backcountry Furano  . It has been snowing since Christmas eve,  and it’s time to check out what the snow pack is doing. Whilst it has been a slow start to the season in mid December,  we have more than caught up with the last … More Japow Analysis

Merry Christmas!

Week one in Furano passed by just like that and the Emporer’s birthday is upon us. This is the only public holiday here as we will not be observing Christmas as such in Japan. I wondered if the kids here are better off as they don’t have to suffer what most of us would have … More Merry Christmas!

Adios London

Some decisions take courage to make, because quite frankly, they are scary. Exactly 3 years ago I left my mildly satisfying life in London fulfilling my teenage dream. Without much deliberation, the first destination of choice was Japan, in the winter. Some decisions take time to reveal themselves to be the right ones, even though … More Adios London