Asahidake 20th Feb

Four gun skiers, off duty Andy and Asahidake. These were the ingredients for today’s recipe. It was a super busy day today, and the queue to the ropeway was all the way down the stairs and we had to wait over 20 minutes for a ride. The 1st run was  through the ‘Baby Bowl’ so … More Asahidake 20th Feb

Furano Resurrection

The weather has taken a turn just after the apex of the season. It has suddenly got quite warm and the wind was swirling around from the south. Transient rise in temperature can only mean one thing, the one thing we dread, rain. The pristine white snow started to melt and the brown discolouration started … More Furano Resurrection

Furano Diamond

‘The Diamond’ never disappoints. We are in a bit of a transitional period with the weather at the moment in Furano. Whilst this was filmed before the rain, today’s visit at The Diamond is still amazing. The lower half unfortunately is starting to get really sticky. All this powder skiing over the last few weeks … More Furano Diamond

Furano Majik

It was snowing overnight and the sun had decided to pop out for a little. First lift and a powder morning awaited. We chose ‘Cavo Toddo’ and ‘Majik Garden’ for today’s shredding. Come on Andy! You know you want to feature ia short film, but you got to do something cool 😉 A beautiful morning … More Furano Majik