Rishiri – The Film

This is our end of season film shot between 7-10 March 2016. A two man ski adventure on Rishiri, a volcano island in the northern tip of Japan. This island receives the first wring of the Siberian storm coming in from Russia. As a near perfect circular island mountain the wind is fierce here, and Rishiri is normally a backcountry skiing heaven. Our journey couldn’t be further from the norm, and it is probably the only Japan ski film ever made without face shots and that magic powder spray. A real 1721m summit to sea ski adventure to end a ski season with a bang.

A three part write up and still images on the trip can be found here.

18 thoughts on “Rishiri – The Film

    1. Thanks Thomas, it was fun producing the film I was obsessed over it for three days. Could not stop working on it. There were a few moments of concern during the climb and quite a few during descent.


  1. What a adventurous experience, only people who love skiing so much can achieve that. Well done this TWO MEN team!
    Looking forward for your skiing adventure in some other snowy places in the near future.

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  2. Very impressive Felix, but its like skiing steep BC in Australia on a bad week ha hahoho. Loved the attitude in the altitude. Looking forward to more ski films from you. Cheers

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    1. Thanks John. I hear you… I still haven’t skied AUS yet. Must plan a visit. But before that hopefully get a bluebird powder day in Rishiri in the near future?!


  3. Wow! It is brilliant. I love the music, am missing the yukele, the hole fall was scary, Taku, the dancing and dress hilarious and the filming amazing. What an adventure!! Love it!

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    1. Thanks Kate, glad you enjoyed our antics. There were a large part of the climb that went unfilmed… but I was more concerned about safety than filming.. I thought the ukulele music added some warmth to the film?!


  4. Man, that’s extreme….did that 4m fall hurt? Looks very lucky you didnt hit any rocks.
    looks freaking scary on those ice….
    Well done! What an experience….
    Awesome filming…..
    Will you do it agan?

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    1. Yo Wayne.. bit of bruising, but most of the impact was softish. The top section of the ski down was scary. One fall we would have kept going until something hard stops us. I was concentrating hard. I would defo do it again but on a bluebird day for some pow! Thanks for watching.


  5. Oh my god! Great film and true adventure. Great humour to be able to still crack jokes for the camera when your nearly died in that crevace

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    1. Thanks Brad, I was super glad I landed where I did.. any closer to the bottom of the hole would have been a lot more sore than it was. Glad there was enough battery in the gopro after 4 days to capture it…


  6. Great film to showcase a great adventure Felix! Loved the drop in stack. And you should come ski AUS back country you are allowed to crank the fire places in our huts so that’s a nice little luxury.

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