‘Rishiri’ The Film Update

rishiri poster two.jpg


It is almost mid-summer, and I have lost my mojo for a little while chilling out by the beach. But, I think I have well and truly got my mojo back as I have finally finished the first cut of the film, and I am liking it. It took me three full days with a late morning finish, but I am proud to say the first cut is looking pretty solid. Now I just need to pick at it a bit and finalise the edit. I was possessed and could not stop chipping at the project. I started editing soon as I woke up. This is my third favourite job after skiing and photography.

I don’t really like the sound of my voice as the narrator, but I suppose this film is about Taku and I, so one of us should narrate even though I think a well enunciating midlander would be a decent choice.

I must thank Ben from PowderMonkey Productions for all the editing shortcut keys he had shown me the last couple of years.  I think I am pretty handy with the ctrl sht F12 command now.

I am planning to return to Hokkaido next season, so I will have more content here leading up to and during the season. I will take this opportunity to thank you for your viewing and support so far. I trust you have been enjoying all the ski talks, shots and clips. I have actually written a non-ski related post about my time in Japan, but I am waiting for the tide and the sun to be aligned for me to take the kick-ass feature image before I post it. Meanwhile stayed tuned, subscribe and ‘Rishiri’ the film is releasing on 22 July 2016!


DSC03855a low res.jpg
Editing and recording the sound tracks.



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