Furano Resurrection

The weather has taken a turn just after the apex of the season. It has suddenly got quite warm and the wind was swirling around from the south. Transient rise in temperature can only mean one thing, the one thing we dread, rain. The pristine white snow started to melt and the brown discolouration started to creep in. The once frozen road started to build a river of sadness. Freeze-thaw, blue skies and solar damage followed. Glide cracks were forming in various locations. ‘One-Run-Monday’ took on a more necessary mode than laziness as the snow condition was not conducive to fun skiing. This was to continue for 4 days.

(click on image to enlarge)

Furano diamond (3)


Then resurrection came on the night of the 17th. After moping about listening to 80s ballads for days, it was finally time to crank up the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack and get excited about that 30cm. Skis waxed, a top crew assembled and we were off. Today is the day we hit absolutely everything front mountain Furano has to offer. A quick check in with ski patrol to register our route for the day and we were ready to go. Of course everybody had the same idea, and I couldn’t help but to feel a slight sense of urgency. The drop zone of ‘The Diamond’ was full. I was proud of our crew to hang back for the group before us to drop in first. Sometimes a slope should be enjoyed singularly for that zen like experience rather than racing down trying to avoid collusion. ‘Woo-hoos’ were optional. The midsection through the trees were sublime. Straight lining through pillows with trees rushing by every which way was exhilarating. It was the best bum-tum & thigh work out ever!
The most important question arose on this powder day when the 12 o’clock siren sounded. To lunch or not to lunch? With ‘Danger zone’ still ringing in my head, the answer was obvious. We hit the major attractions of the mountain twice by the end of the afternoon, and the option to have one last run was unanimously declined. It was time for ‘Yotsu Beeru’.



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