Adios London

Card back

Some decisions take courage to make, because quite frankly, they are scary. Exactly 3 years ago I left my mildly satisfying life in London fulfilling my teenage dream. Without much deliberation, the first destination of choice was Japan, in the winter.

Some decisions take time to reveal themselves to be the right ones, even though the gut feeling is right. Now there is a carte blanche for the coming season, I am returning to the Land of the Pow to fulfill my not so teenage dream. I am hoping even Mum would agree this is unanimously a great decision.

It has been a swift 3 years since I first skied in Japan, and when the first opportunity to return for a whole season arose this summer all I could do was to say ‘YES’.  Now that I think about it, I was possibly in shock. So I went to get a triple chocolate cookie to calm my nerves.

Autumn used to be one of my favourite seasons, but now it is an antsy period of squats, jogs and a frantic period of catching up with mates before heading off.

Although I haven’t caught up with everyone, I can assure you my strike rate was well over 87%. I hope you have enjoyed my fashionista images these last 2 months, because that is coming to an end (Hurray!). Be sure to pop in here to check out the next series of ski clips and photos throughout the winter. So ‘Adios London’, it’s always sad to leave…

‘Have a great season, and see all you alls in the summer!’

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