Japow Analysis

Penultimate day of AIARE training at Asahidaki with Al Mendell and Alpine Backcountry Furano  . It has been snowing since Christmas eve,  and it’s time to check out what the snow pack is doing.

Whilst it has been a slow start to the season in mid December,  we have more than caught up with the last 5 days of ‘puke’. We are happy to report that the snowpack is rather healthy, thick and stable. The usual care and preparation should definitely be observed when riding in the backcountry. Central Hokkaido is definitely ON!

Music by our resident Banjolier ‘Wiggo’.

(31/12/15 – we found 2 avalanches yesterday at the top of Furano, and 1 avalanche reported in Asahidake. Goes to say be careful and stay off solar aspects!)



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