Happy New Year!

A quick few laps with Todd Biilmann to wrap up the year, before heading home to cook for my winter family of 9. We bumped into Lucy from Furano Central Hokkaido Japan and little Gracie on our very last run of the year.

Most places were closed on NYE in Furano so everyone can be with their family. I quite liked that idea. Whilst Japan still caters for holiday makers with firework displays, we decided to skip that and stay indoors at Ajito for the night. Of course there were the ubiquitous ‘Ski Shots’ as expected, only this time we were drinking a rather peculiar shot which resembled whisky but there appeared to be a viper inside the bottle?! TBV…

A nice chilled start to the year today, maybe throw a few sweepy swoops on the slopes to kick off 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!

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