Road Tripping

What a week of road tripping on the Hokkaido Powder Belt with Emily & Buzz, Jake & matt and Andre. From Asahikawa we ventured into Kamui for some slack country powder and some log jumping and product endorsement photos with Buzz. We learned about Japanese breakfast etiquette, shied away from the onsen scene. Found ourselves chowing down on yakitori, figured out tofu was actually just a filler food which served no purpose apparently?!


Day 3: Asahidake (click on image to enlarge)


We have been super lucky with the snow and were able to find powder all week in Asahidake, Furano and the beautiful Tomamu backcountry. On the last day we had to hike a bit to find untracked pow in the backcountry of Furano. Whilst Buzz was not fully convinced about alpine touring (that’s what heli is for), I think he might have mildly enjoyed the free heel experience.



Day 4: Furano (click on image to enlarge)


Andre was a solid tail of the group all week and was balanced and poised. Emily was a trouper and shredded all the lines we were able to throw at her. The snowboard boyz were strong and kept up with us even through the flat parts of Asahidake, but really… it was probably time for them to take up skiing!



Day 5: Tomamu (Click on image to enlarge)


We learned a few important Japanese words, and fraternised with the locals, although Jake decided not to take up a golden opportunity with some friendly locals who might or might not have wanted to further their friendship.



Day 6: Nishidake Furano (click on image to enlarge)


It was all in all an awesome week! Definitely making friends on a powder day with Alpine Backcountry Guides. A super group of fantastic snow lovers, I might or might not be missing you already…



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