Millenium Bridge Hyperlapse

Just under 80 images at 0.15s per shot made up this Hyperlapse film on The Millennium Bridge with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. This wraps up the ‘Oneskee in the City’ series in my favourite lime green Oneskee Mark II.

I hope you have enjoyed my attempt to be a fashionista (I must admit I prefer to be behind the lens). A massive thank you to Mairéad for taking the cool images, and also being on security detail on the various shoots around London. I wanted to keep the theme of the series dark and grimey so we shot at night or early morning around east London, but dressed in bright coloured Oneskees strutting with one ski and jumping about certainly caused a few stop-and-stare moments with passersby. Thank you also to Scott and Josh from Oneskee for sending me various suits for the shoots, they are really warm and super retro cool at the same time – perfect for deep pow!

Final week of preparation to go, still ridiculously rusty with minimal Japanese. Sounding the words out a syllable at a time just makes me sound like a robot, and there are lots of syllables to make up one phrase! At least I can guess the Kanji characters somewhat. Let’s just hope learning by immersion works.

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