How it began in 2014…

The working title of ‘Make Friends on A Powder Day’ was first conceived back in 2014 after my third ski trip to Japan as I reminisced about:
“owning fresh pow and skiing fresh tracks can be addictive if not bring out the inner selfishness. Sharing ‘secret’ spots is a strange ask, nevertheless, taking the right people to your spot definitively yield a certain comradery and keeps the hippy vibes rocking. And the concerted ‘woo-hoos’ you hear when you are crossing S’s down the slope always brings a smile to everyone’s face. The transient nature of it all drives home the point that if the conditions are good, charge the line and be sure to rock out. Live well, so you only need to live once.” 
I did get a bit philo in the snow at the end of that trip, and something was brewing in my mind whether I was aware of it or not.
The rest of my write up about Japan or really Japow, (because I really only stayed in the snowy mountains this trip) was a bit more ‘normal’:
So it gets cold in Hokkaido, I didn’t forget. I was constantly rocking the coolest long johns from H&M that were neither too PJs like or weirdly sexy. They just said functional and approachable. Japan’s toilet technology is second to none. Warm toilet seats on any given cold Sunday morning evacuation provided a welcoming relief that you don’t ever want to lose, and quickly learn to demand as a regular standard for any other days of the week. My subsequent first cold toilet seat was experienced with a sense of disgust and incredulousness. As with the in built bidet function, whilst marginally achieved a better cleanse post evac, rendered the standard Japanese toilet paper to be somewhat rough and flimsy for beginner bidet users who are used to a certain wiping pressure.
A good red wine and a well rested 1/2 cooked steak, or seafood & champagne are all enticing. Though a sample menu which guarantees you will not be full but satisfied, your palate properly worked out, with well matched sake or umeshu is definitely my new favourite. Amazingly ski resort food prices are nowhere close to those on the European Alps. Alcohol, on the other hand is different. I guess if you want to be an obnoxious drunk tourist you should at least stimulate the local economy.
We met some wicked powder hounds in Japan. ‘Woody’ a proper ski hippy Aussie legend who’s been at it for 30 years. ‘Stephen’ an independent ski film maker, ‘Harro’, John & some old schoolers you can tell they have been shredding for some years and are still rocking out. I have learnt to say to anyone complaining about the snow condition with the generic response of ‘It’s better than Australia’, but only after I have given the Snowy Mountains a try first. I suppose if everyday is a powder day, powder days are not so special. What am I talking about?! Everyday should be a powder day if I have to wait 6 months for winter to come!
All credits to Pauline for organising everything, and her awesome-can-do attitude. Robbie for following us down all different faces, and throwing a wobbly in a polite and reasonable manner explaining to Pauline why he was not supposed to be here (G2 Niseko) at his current skiing career, skill level and toiletry status. I would also like to verify that when the camera was not rolling, Pauline did indeed ‘do stuff’ and always managed to rip new lines. I hope Rob will come out of retirement next winter, and that I would have the chance to zip down Pauline’s funky fresh new jacket’s bum flap. As the saying goes ‘No friends on a powder day’, well for me I have a few whom I would always love to ski with on a powder day.” 


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