Asahidake 24 Jan

Ok, Ok.. there might be a little love affair here, but it was so good yesterday, we had to return to Asahidake for the 3rd time! We have a bumper day today with a big crew with Alpine Backcountry Guides. The snow has eased up overnight and a light dusting of around 10cm welcomed us with a slight break in the clouds. Vis was not bad, not much wind and the temperature was nicely frosty. Fair to say conditions were superb.

The crowd was in force, more so than yesterday. Plenty of foreigners and locals looking for their pow fix. The only gripe here was the relentless littering at the queue to the gondola. I wonder what the Japanese people think of the foreigners as they casually left all their mess lying around.

There was no time to do a warm up run as excitement built. We head straight to my favourite drop zone, now that the secret was out and plenty of people were heading that way along the track we cut yesterday. 15s of pure heaven was like slow mo skiing, that sense of floating was simply amazing, addictive and ‘woohoo’ inducing. The orgasmic sounds that were coming out of everyone’s mouth was just pure joy!

I must admit we did put on and take off our skins a lot today to avoid a long traverse out. But I think the fact that it took an effort to get in and out of the drop zone meant it was more preserved. Whilst we aimed to make friends on a powder day, there was always a little sense of selfishness with locations. I just can’t help it!

To top off the day, the sky cleared up and we could see the summit of Asahidake for the 1st time in 9 days. The fumey top was impressive against the light blue sky. A beautiful sunset bid us fair well to another incredible day at the highest peak in Hokkaido.

(Click on image to enlarge)


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