Bluebird ASD 18.1.20

Busiest day so far in Asahidake, but good vibes, good vis and great snow. The queues were very long extending out the building, and the mountain was very well skied, not a meter untouched by 3pm. Tired legs, no lunch but big smiles!

Gallery 4-5.1.20 ASD

A collection of pics taken on ASD between 4-5 Jan. Both days were snowy although the first night there was considerable wind effect on the snow pack (dense and heavy), the second night with less wind (soft and fluffy). Amazing how the snow can change in 24 hours. Two completely different experiences on powder days. … More Gallery 4-5.1.20 ASD

Gallery 3.1.2020 ASD

Low visibility is almost the norm in Asahidake. Since Ninja Powder is kinda like a pow-loving Jedi, with the force we head into the white out for some powder slaying. Today we reignite the season with a trio of European skiers in some serious Hokkaido powder. The wind lips and exposed gullies/creeks are still worthwhile … More Gallery 3.1.2020 ASD