Skid to Ski

Heli skiing 9 May with Artic Heli and Acadia Mountain Guides somewhere near Dalvik… The snow line had receded in a record low snowfall season, and we were in search of some snow fun. The only option was to go high. According to the Troll of the Troll Peninsula, it had never been quite like … More Skid to Ski

3 is the Majik #

I had been looking forward to this trip with Rob and Buzz. They were already at the Sky bar in Asahikawa when I turned up. Over a beer, we soon established the theme of the coming week – Maximum RER (Reward to Effort Ratio). With the idea that we ski different locations to where Buzz had skied … More 3 is the Majik #

The Great Expectation

We were still waiting for snow, but it wouldn’t come for another three days. Our crew of four high calibre skiers and a solo snowboarder gathered in Asahikawa for the start of our trip. A welcomed mix of urbanism, restaurants and sky bar. Without any refreshment of the snow cover compounded with the recent wind event, expectation of … More The Great Expectation

Season Summation

Sitting on a long haul flight home is always a good time to reflect on the season which all of a sudden seems to have flown pass. This season was filled with plenty of thrills and a few spills to keep us emotionally involved. We had lots of sunshine and much reduced snow falls this … More Season Summation