Furano Air Force

After a test run on Asahidake with Nat, Colin and Rob, we headed to Furano for a rip around. It snowed a little the day before and intel was positive. We started with some sun and blue sky. Perfect for photography… que in the aerial models. It was an absolute joy to guide fun loving creative skiers/ snowboarder. Not many powder slaying shots but a few above the pow pics for this collection. Thanks for being awesome, tots enjoyed the last couple of days.

MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black

2 thoughts on “Furano Air Force

  1. What a day Felix! These look so good on my PC at home, I finally made it. See you next year! Going to get even more sendy after I get my shoulder fixed.


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