Japan Ski Tour – Fumuidake 14-16 Feb

The sky is clear and the sun is beaming. Freezing level is at 1950m above sea level, there is not a snow flake in sight. The week old snow has been tracked, melted and refrozen. It is fair to say Japow is currently on hold. What nature does not provide, attitude takes over and we had just the crew to hang out with. Thanks Alexander, Gary, Greg, Jamie, Jason, Leigh, Mick, & Russel for being absolute champs for slaying whatever we could find with limited conditions. Awesomeness is yours, just have to reach out and grab it. That elusive single malt on the other hand may prove to be a little more difficult to attain. Do not leave Japan without Karaoke! And I will need evidence.


MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black

One thought on “Japan Ski Tour – Fumuidake 14-16 Feb

  1. Ah yes, the single malt can be elusive but there is always one out there. As years go by it’s definition may change but it can still be found. and indulged.


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