Gallery JAN 30 2019 ASD

Sometimes it is hard to remember and rank days on the scale of epicness. Since we are not elephants, a few photos may help with the memory of this bluebird day in Asahidake. Granted the top was wind scoured, but that graduated blue sky and 100% visibility was unbeatable. I remember days like this were rare only 4 years ago, but this exceptionally low snow season we have had numerous bluebird days.

Good visibility brought with it the opportunity to explore further afield on Asahidake, where it is normally hidden in a white out and getting bogged in is a real possibility. This ninJA POWder tour with Kevin, John & Dean we pushed out to G5 – my favourite area with a 250m vert at around 37 degrees. Of course a short visit to the fumeroles was mandatory on a day as spectacular as this day.

MFPD CROSS 1 black

 MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black



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