Pat’s Backyard

We have been in denial for over a week with the obvious signs of Spring. I mean it was still February and we were not ready to give up on Japow. Though as the farmers were preparing their green houses and starting to spread charcoal on the snowy fields, the reality of blue skies, the lack of significant snow fall and rapid disappearance of the road side snow banks were rudely awakening us from our Japow dreams.

On the last day of our tour with Isabelle, Alex and Ines we finally made it to Pat’s backyard where it was normally free from crowds and boasts well preserved snow. The trees were sparse and cast shadows that added to the overall picturesque view of the runs. It was the perfect place to transition one last time for our final run.

It was a lovely 6 day tour hunting powder lines knowing the limitations of the weather and snow conditions. We were, nonetheless, blessed with the perfect blend of attitude, fitness, local knowledge and lateral thinking to venture into areas which gave us fresh lines everyday from boot to knee deep during this challenging week. It was thoroughly enjoyable for all of us, and the week long threat of karaoke materialised after our fair well dinner. Making friends on (slightly less) powder days, what’s not to like?!

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MFPD CROSS 1 black.png

MFPD CROSS 1 black.png

MFPD CROSS 1 black.png

MFPD CROSS 1 black.png

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