Team Nobile Korea

Beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert? These are the categories we ask our guests to identify themselves in before their tour. This helps us with some of our decision making on the mountain, route planning and terrain management during the tour. We understand this is a flawed system, and maybe a more specific description on rhythm and pace on varying snow condition and space would yield a more accurate assessment. In any case, the most inventive category of self description we have received this year from a guest was the ‘upper echelon of elite’ category. Although this didn’t quite materialise on the day of that particular tour, we did meet some snowboarders of this category in Team Nobile Korea.  Consisting of a former four time national number one alpine snowboarder, a pro athlete and a crew of fun-loving riders we set off on a resurgent Asahidake after a string of sunny days.

This was our last tour for the season, we are stoked to have ended it with such a great crew on a powder day. For booking enquires for bespoke tours next winter please check out ninJA POWder. I will catch up on editing some of the pics and clips collected over the season and post them in the near future. For those who have skied or snowboarded with us this season, no doubt you will be wearing your exclusive ninJA POWder t-shirts reminiscing good times. Thank you for being part of the ninJA POWder movement.


MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black


MFPD CROSS 1 black

MFPD CROSS 1 black


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