Gallery 23.12.19 Asahidake

1st day back at ASD and we were skiing with a lovely couple from Korea. The snow was soft although the mountain still needed some snow depth to fill in the gullies and cover the trees. The ropeway was not ready yet, so we ski toured up enjoying the sun and the spectacular scenery. A true wonderland.

2 thoughts on “Gallery 23.12.19 Asahidake

  1. Sorry and big thanks to you, two guys.
    Fantastic snow and so warming aid.
    Sorry again for my poor uphill skill, maybe d/t my obesity.


    1. Hi Hwang, we had a great day with you guys thank you! The Gondola is finally opened but the track we skinned up on is still closed. The snow is getting better on this special mountain. Hope the rest of your snow season is great! Hi To Soh Jun as well!


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