David & Maureen


‘Basket Ball’, ‘Ride it out’, ‘Look forward’ were the 3 things we were working on over a three day period skiing with David and Maureen. We started off in Furano to wake up those ski muscles on piste and on the cross country course. The next day we avoided the wind and stayed low in Kamui with Maureen making her come back on downhill skis. David started to venture into the soft powder snow off piste. On the last day we attempted to climb to the fumeroles on Asahidake although low visibility prevented us from getting too close to the steamy vents. On the way down we skied through some of the famous Hokkaido powder snow, before wrapping up the tour with more cross country skiing for Maureen and a beacon search practice for David. Conclusion of this tour – Life is better on skis!

2 thoughts on “David & Maureen

  1. Felix,

    Looked like a super three days you had with David and Maureen!

    Thought you might enjoy this vid of 24 hours in Furano, Herd trip day 2 and 3 with you and Ume 😊 Really was an epic time we spent with you, thanks so much😊


    Pat Jameson
    The Herd


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