Skid to Ski

Heli skiing 9 May with Artic Heli and Acadia Mountain Guides somewhere near Dalvik… The snow line had receded in a record low snowfall season, and we were in search of some snow fun. The only option was to go high.

According to the Troll of the Troll Peninsula, it had never been quite like this in the last 30 years. Snow came late and disappearing early. Whilst the terrain will always be here, the weather will have to be more favourable. On a day like this, it was worthwhile to heli up and having a lookie.

We found a broad spectrum of conditions travelling passed loose wet avalanche paths, icy slopes and a rocky scramble to find some perfect corn snow as the fog rolled in. We skied as far as there was snow before we began our long march to base through some of the most picturesque landscape unique to the north of Iceland. Our tour concluded in Kaffihûs Bakkabrædra, a quintessentially Icelandic cafe bar in Dalvik. A fitting end to an incredibubble adventure.

Here’s a short clip of our ‘walkabout’ up high on the Troll Peninsula, far north Iceland.

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