Asahidake Morning Routine

A typical morning getting ready for our back country tour of Asahidake (20-23 Jan 2017) started with an early morning onsen. Roger, Merv & I were staying at the chalet ‘Nuttapu’ exclusive to Journey Into Japan. Our quintessentially Japanese powder skiing experience was filled with soft powder turns, delicious food and the tallest peak in Hokkaido.

The weather had been great with low wind and blue sky, which was a treat for Hokkaido in the winter. With such great visibility, we elected to attempt to summit the 2291m Asahidake (the sunrise peak). There was really only one way to ski down an active volcano – straight down into the crater and the fumeroles.

On the last night of our stay the mountain was battered by strong wind, and we were reminded that avalanche risks were real and present. We skied along the avalanche path for practice and bid farewell to Asahidake.

Thank you Napa and Mariko for an unforgettable 4 days!

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