Here we go…

profile2Glasses on, Dicky-Bow on… now ready to start my 1st blog.

To say I am excited about this coming winter is to say a stag is looking forward to the rutting season. A bit of hard work and hopefully a lot of spoils in the form of soft powdery lines. I remember writing about my experiences in Hokkaido 2 seasons ago, and I can’t believe I am heading back there this season to begin my quest to become a back country ski guide. I have not been this stoked about a project since I landed my 1st internship as a veterinarian for performance horses all those years ago.

‘Make Friends On A Powder Day’ is actually the working title of the collection of footage and images that I am planning to shoot during my time in Japan. I am also working with Oneskee, an independent ski apparel company in the UK specialized in making onesies for snow sports. We have started to shoot a series of images featuring Oneskee products around East London with an urban London vs Japan theme.

For updates and images leading up to and during the season, please check out this site and #makefriendsonapowderday on the usual social medium.

Click on ‘Gallery’ for images published so far in October.

6 Weeks of healthy living, training and attempting to learn Japanese to go!

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