Spring /Ski\ Iceland – The EP

Coming soon…

on 1st July 2017, boom!


It has taken some time to get in the mood to edit the footage shot in May. I must say my mind was not really set on filming in Iceland. Consequently there were too many gaps in the footage to edit a story , so this is more of an EP than a film. This is also my first attempt to shoot with a small mirrorless camera with limited lens options, one Gopro and a drone. All this gear was about the same size and slightly lighter than a DSLR long and short lense setup. The footage although limited were pretty fun. I am totally sold on the drone angle. And I was very happy not to have to carry 6kg of camera gear in the backcountry.

I am staying with ‘A Himistu’ for music again this year. I am loving the track ‘Reminisce’ and although I always try not to use one track in its entirety, this track was so well suited, I based the whole edit on its storytelling baseline and melody.

So here is the trailer of the EP ‘Spring / Ski \ Iceland’. Full edit will be release on 1st July 2017. Enjoi.